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The digital marketing world is interconnected. Being successful starts and evolves with an integrated digital strategy. Without Google Analytics, your digital marketing & internet marketing efforts have no clear measure of success or ROI. Without a clean, fast, intuitive website that renders properly across multiple devices, visitors won’t engage and convert to maximum potential. Without constant website and campaign testing, you’ll waste budget while sacrificing opportunities for conversions and revenue.

The bottom line is: Your digital strategy must have a comprehensive and integrated approach, leveraging multiple digital marketing services and internet marketing solutions, while remaining flexible for an ever-changing digital landscape.

La Chiave
Is it important to have a website or can I do without it?
Answer: If you have a business and don't have a website, you are probably missing out on opportunities for your business. A website can be used to carry out many marketing strategies that you cannot otherwise implement. The web, you know by now, has a much wider reach than any other form of advertising. Your website is the center of your company's online presence.
I already have a website what can I do to improve my online presence?
Answer: everything, more! Seriously, if you already have a website don't stop: the site is a service, not a product. Once we have developed the site according to the needs of those who request it, it is important to build the most suitable digital strategies to make them visible. If he is a merchant who just wants to be found then an onepage site will suffice and optimize his GMB (and Bing) card, if he is a professional who goes beyond a neighborhood boundary then better an optimized landing page with an ads campaign and a module for lead collection, etc .;
Better a landing page or a showcase site?
Answer: a lading is a landing page that collects the results of one or more campaigns, it is therefore a tool linked to the single product / service. A site provides wide-ranging corporate information and perhaps also integrates in its pages the possibility of ordering or selling goods and / or services.
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