Automation Marketing

The idea is that, like a funnel, marketers launch a wide network to capture as many leads as possible and then slowly nurture potential customers through the purchase decision, narrowing these candidates at each stage of the funnel. Ideally, this marketing funnel should actually be a "marketing cylinder" if all of your leads would turn into customers - impossible. While turning the funnel into a cylinder isn't a real possibility for companies, it's part of the job of a good marketer to turn as many leads into customers as possible, thus making the funnel more and more cylindrical.

As already mentioned, the strength of every business lies in its customers and in the trust that we have been able to create, and therefore feeding the communication flow with our customers with useful information is important for those who offer services and for those who seek them. Marketing automation is the best way to do this today. Marketing Automation is the process of using technology to streamline marketing efforts by making them more effective. Through the wise use of the only automation platform that manages every aspect of an automated campaign , we are able, by way of example, to engineer and automate conversion processes: from first contact to purchase.

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